Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stay at home Moms THANK GOD EVERY DAY!!

Its been a while. I have been CRAZY BUSY!! But with not much to say. I am working all the time. I just got a new job as a Home health aid/caregiver for elderly people. I do light cleaning,cooking,drs appts, whatever they need help with. Its not a glamorous job but I had to find a job that had better hours and better PAY! I can work days now and weekends off.But these past two weeks I have been working both at the hotel and there. It has been really hard working and being away from my girls but working nights and weekends was worse. I enrolled both girls in a small Christian preschool. Alex loves it and that makes me happy,but its KILLS me to leave Lilli. But at least now I can pick them up and be home with them every night and on the weekends. A more normal routine. Hopefully once Lou is finished with school I can go to part time and eventually stay at home again. I give a lot of respect to working mothers but I still feel unless you have too staying at home is the BEST!! As much as I am guilt ridden all the time for having to leave them hopefully if its two years of the 18 they are at home that won't be so bad!!
It was very important to Lou to get our of Navy and go to school so this year we are all sacrificing for him but he deserves it. He has sacrificed a lot for us! We are going to the zoo tomorrow after church. I am really excited because they are having a coupon day $5 a person!!!
When your broke COUPON days are AWESOME! I can't to just spend the whole day with my fam! This whole transition has been such a learning experience in whats important in life and how to find the blessing around you no matter what your going through. Well God Bless to all and hopefully I will write sooner next time.


Sheena said...

I can't imagine going straight from being home all the time to working 2 jobs for a bit! You are strong! I definitely don't take staying at home for granted, it means so much to me. You are so selfless and your family is so lucky to have such a great mom & wife! Once he's done with school it will be worth it. I'm glad you found a better paying job though! and better hours! that's great. Enjoy the day with your fam! Miss you!

mira said...

good to "hear" from you. hang in there, your girls will benefit from your mothering and prayers even without you physically there all the time. This too shall pass, hon.